My Master the Minotaur: Taken

My Master the Minotaur: Taken CoverHi everyone!  My newest title, My Master the Minotaur: Taken, is now available for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Ryena is the daughter and only child of a powerful lord.  She is kidnapped and taken north and presented before Valgund the Golden Bull, mighty chief of the barbaric minotaurs.  She believes she has been taken for ransom.

But Valgund is playing a ruthless political game and has more insidious plans for her.  He intends to make her his and to teach her the ways of the minotaurs.

Will Ryena be able to resist the carnal pleasures he forces upon her, or will she come to accept her new place and the strange, barbaric ways of the minotaurs?

This 12,000 word erotic romance is a tale of domination and submission and monstrous seduction.  It contains reluctant oral pleasure, piercing for sexual pleasure, bondage, and defloration by a minotaur.

Have you already read and enjoyed it?  Eager for more?  There’s a sequel in pre-production. ;)

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