At the Mercy of the Boar God

At the Mercy of the Boar GodHey all, At the Mercy of the Boar God is now for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

In an unprecedented break from tradition, Nemara, a virgin peasant girl, is chosen by the spirits to carry the annual offerings to the mysterious stone ruins known as the Runes.

As she is placing the offerings, a shadowy beast appears before her – the boar god. Nemara is to bear his son. Will she succumb to his forceful pleasure and give into her deepest, darkest desires?

Warning! This 5,300 word story contains reluctant virgin deflowering, monster sex with a boar-headed god, and breeding, and is intended for a mature audience only.


“Please… no,” she gasped, choking back sobs. “Please… don’t take my purity from me.”

The boar snorted and lunged at her, ears laid back and the bristly mane along its back standing erect. It placed a huge, heavy hoof over her collarbones and pressed down, trapping her, forcing the air out of her lungs. Its eyes blazed.

I will take what is mine. Its words were like thunder in her mind.

“Who… what are you?” Nemara’s voice was scarcely more than a whisper. She struggled to breathe.

A fierce, penetrating energy filled the stone chamber. The runes flared, and for an instant, burned as brightly as the sun.

The hoof that held her down shuddered, and the beast’s whole body twisted, cracked, and convulsed. It let out a horrible howl that tore into the fibers of Nemara’s very being. She screamed as the hoof became searing hot.

Then it was over. When she opened her eyes again, it was not a hoof that pinned her, but a human hand. The pitch-skinned, beautifully muscled body of a man knelt over her. On its shoulders was the boar’s head, smaller, but no less terrifying. His eyes were like fire.

He opened his mouth and spoke. “I am your God, and you will bear my son.” The voice was darkness and honey.


4 thoughts on “At the Mercy of the Boar God

  1. Singer says:

    The last line of this story may be the only time I have cried while reading erotica.

    The whole ending took me completely by surprise, really. Most erotica short story authors do little more than bat an eyelash at denouement (because what’s the point after the climax — the literal one, I mean — has passed, right?), to the extent that it is usually just one or two sentences that set up the next installment in the series.

    I am glad you chose another path, because in my mind it instantly changed this story from “pretty hot breeding story with some neat implied background lore, maybe I’ll buy more of this author’s stuff if the blurb is interesting” to something memorable and beautiful. And that means you are guaranteed at least one sale on everything you write, from now on.

    Sex is cheap and everywhere. Characters and worlds I actually feel an emotional connection to are worth a lot more than $2.99.

    Never stop writing. You are making wonderful things, creating rich, believable worlds populated with characters it is clear you actually care about. I hope you get a fire in your gut to write longer works, someday. I’d read the shit out of them.

    Also, whoever does your cover art should be given a raise. Just beautiful.

    • Singer says:

      Also, the cheeky, somewhat flippant tone of your amazon blurb is what made me buy this book. You don’t seem to take yourself too seriously, which makes me smile — which, in turn, makes me have fewer reservations about clicking the buy button.

      Unrelated to any of your works, but I can’t seem to locate your email (which I feel would have been a better medium for these messages, as they are not really intended to be public reviews) anywhere on this website, or in the kindle link I clicked through to get here. Where is your contact info?

      • Alice says:

        Haha thanks! Not being too serious is the way to go, I think, especially in a genre like erotica. At the end of the day, I’m producing entertainment, so bogging myself down with deadly serious literary ambitions will just make it less fun for everyone.

        Still, doesn’t mean I don’t take the craft of writing seriously.

        Also, thank you for pointing out my missing contact info! This site is still relatively new (and not the theme I’ll be sticking with), and I’m probably still missing a bunch of things.

        Here you go!

        (I’ve also added it to the sidebar for easy reference)

    • Alice says:

      Hi Singer! Thank you SO much for your lovely comment! It’s stuff like this that reminds me why I love to write. I’m one of those schmaltzy types that cares a bunch about characters, so even though I’m *only* writing erotica, as a writer, I need that character connection, or else whatever I’m writing falls flat (and probably won’t be as steamy-hot because I’m not as into it).

      I’ve actually really been enjoying writing these divine breeding stories because the god, being a god, can present himself as a dark, dangerous, sexilicious creature for the titillating side of things, but can also provide for the main character in ways she might never have dreamed possible and give her the happily ever after she deserves. I really like the idea of a girl from a poor or rough background gaining a companion that’s powerful, terrifying, and dangerous, yet sweet and affectionate towards her.

      My next release (in a few days, hopefully) is in a similar vein.

      I’m glad you like the covers too! I actually do them myself, so I’m afraid I’m unable to give a raise… unless I go treat myself to a nice bottle of wine or something. ;)

      Anyhow, I do plan to keep writing (I certainly have no plans to stop), and write some longer stuff in the near future and give my characters a bigger stage.

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