Serpent God’s Virgin Released!

Serpent God's Virgin CoverI’m happy to announce that Serpent God’s Virgin is (finally!) released and is now available for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Here’s an excerpt:

Then slowly, a presence emerged.  Deep and subtle at first, like an elephant’s heavy footsteps reverberating through her being, like the humming contentment she felt in the pool’s magical, fragrant water.  Tzani was not afraid.  She laid on her stone, proud and beautiful, taking in the sunlight, wondering about this presence joining her.

It got closer, became more immediate, filling her consciousness, her very being.  It was wholly benevolent, that much she knew.  The heat within her intensified so strongly that she let out a gasped and writhed.  The water lapped up against the stone.  Tzani sat up and gazed at the water.  Slow ripples passed over its surface.  Someone, something else was here.  It had arrived.

Then Tzani saw him, his glimmering form sliding effortlessly through the steamy water.  The great serpent came up to her and coiled himself around her basking stone.  His scales glittered in intricate patterns of gold, black, and pale green.  His eyes, strange and reptilian, yet at the same time, intensely emotive, seemed to glow.  He lifted his great head and came face to face with her.  Na’tzun.

Tzani felt her sex pulse furiously.  She should have been afraid, but instead she welcomed his presence and gazed upon his dragon-like face with awe.

“Na’tzun…” she whispered.

Yes.  The voice in her mind was like a silken purr, and not at all like Tzani would have imagined as being snakelike.  I am glad that you have come to me, Tzani.  At last.

Tzani smiled.  She didn’t know why, but the presence of this serpentine god set her body and mind on fire.

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