Coming Soon!

My next book is right around the corner!  Check out the cover:


Alien Seed is the story of the abduction and breeding of an unsuspecting young female by aliens (naturally).  There’s a catch, though.  These aliens have some very special abilities…

Tentative release date is Monday – hopefully my schedule doesn’t get derailed between now and then.  And then after this, I’m diving into some steamy werewolves and high treason.  Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Welp, like hell the story got published last Monday.  Guess that didn’t work out so well.  Unanticipated busyness, I guess (new job, moving, the works).  Luckily, I’m actually in the very end stages of production (story is complete, just down to formatting and blurbing and such), so things will move quickly now.

I’m working on not going entire months without publishing new material, because that’s just not cool. :(

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