My New (Half-Baked) Website!

Hey everyone check it out!  A brand new theme for my site!   Much more fitting than my last one, in my humble opinion.  I mean, of course it fits better – I made it myself.

Thing is, it’s a premature launch.  Very premature, actually, which is why I’m calling it half-baked.  So why on earth am I launching a half-baked WordPress theme instead of a proper fully baked one?

Well, as you might have heard, there’s some scary stuff happening in the world of erotica right now, all thanks to some whiny jerk on Twitter and what is frankly a very creepy UK-based ‘tech blog’ that specializes in gossip and muckraking and whose owner specializes in bullying, blackmailing, and misogyny.  Unfortunately, the knee-jerk reaction to this “journalism” has been swift and far-reaching, with British retailer WHSmith shutting down its entire website, Kobo pulling all self-published titles (including mine), and Amazon removing countless erotica titles from its eBook store (including a couple of mine).  Yeah, it’s bad.

The frustrating part is that most of the erotica titles featured in these sensationalist exposés, which are actually quite extreme and disturbing, are the obvious work of black hat internet marketers.  But that doesn’t matter.  We’re all getting thrown in with the black hat riffraff anyway because that means more page views and controversy for a couple of “journalists” who seem to get off on negative attention and a certain sleazy British tabloid that picked up on the story.

ANYWAYS, enough about that crap.  What does that have to do with the new site?  Well, even though Amazon is pulling books, most of them are simply being reverted to draft so that authors can revise the “offending” elements and then put them back up for sale – they just don’t want it to be “shocking” to anyone who might accidentally stumble across it.  That means on Amazon, I’ll be using tamer descriptions without those deliciously detailed warning messages.  So, I need a way to go full monty with my blurbs, warnings, and excerpts.  That’s where this site comes in.

Over the next few days, I”ll be listing my catalog here so that you may read juicy excerpts and full descriptions of the happenings inside.  Each book listing will link to its page on the various eBook retailers for purchasing convenience, will be sortable by genre, and eventually, will be sortable by red-hot keywords.


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