Alice Xavier is a new erotica author interested in weaving compelling tales of sex and lust. She's been on a minotaur kick lately. She lives somewhere in the Rust Belt and enjoys exploring abandoned steel mills with her pet collie. Get in touch at!

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UPDATE:  Alien Seed made the Top 100 Hot New Releases list in Erotica!!  Thanks again everyone for getting it there!  :)

Thanks everyone for making Alien Seed my best seller ever and tipping it into a sub-10,000 rank!  That’s a big first for me and I’m all giddy and excited.  I’m so glad so many of you have enjoyed it!

I’m working away on some new stories and I hope to have at least one of them up within the next week.  And always, feel free to drop me an email or leave a blog comment to let me know what you really want, because I love writing, and I love writing the stuff that makes my readers happy even more.

Thanks again!

Alien Seed finally out!

Alien Seed CoverAt long, long last, after all sorts of derails and whatnot, Alien Seed is finally up!  This is definitely a story for monster erotica lovers – plenty of strange and out-of-this-world beasts contained within.  Here’s the blurb:

Stranded in the desert after her car breaks down, Lacey has no reception and is all alone. When it all seems hopeless, something notices her on the side of the road, and it’s not a state trooper or a tow truck…

Lacey wakes up on an alien examination table, not yet aware of what’s in store for her. The shape-shifting aliens who have abducted her intend to use her fertile body to advance their species, and deliver untold pleasure while they’re at it! Can Lacey take all the pleasure they submit her to and withstand their monstrous onslaught?

Warning!  This 8900 word story contains an orgasmic examination, bondage, and a rough breeding gangbang by five alien monsters with exotic cocks, otherworldly oral, and plenty of tentacles.  Mature audiences only.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Coming Soon!

My next book is right around the corner!  Check out the cover:


Alien Seed is the story of the abduction and breeding of an unsuspecting young female by aliens (naturally).  There’s a catch, though.  These aliens have some very special abilities…

Tentative release date is Monday – hopefully my schedule doesn’t get derailed between now and then.  And then after this, I’m diving into some steamy werewolves and high treason.  Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Welp, like hell the story got published last Monday.  Guess that didn’t work out so well.  Unanticipated busyness, I guess (new job, moving, the works).  Luckily, I’m actually in the very end stages of production (story is complete, just down to formatting and blurbing and such), so things will move quickly now.

I’m working on not going entire months without publishing new material, because that’s just not cool. :(

Finally! The Maiden and the Bear Gods

bear-gods_1000x1500Hey everyone, sorry it’s been so long!  Life (other work that’s not nearly as fun as writing) gets in the way sometimes.  I hope you enjoy The Maiden and the Bear Gods, a steamy story in which a young virgin finds herself surrounded by ancient gods that take the form of bears, and at the receiving end of their divine ways of pleasure… Gangbanging and monster breeding ensue!

Currently available at Smashwords.  (I’ll update links as it goes live at other outlets.)


Amazon’s Secret Adult Filter

If you’ve noticed that your Amazon search results have become rather sparse in your search for erotic offerings, it’s not just you.  During the past few weeks, Amazon has greatly expanded the reach of their adult filter, filtering all sorts of erotic stories that were never subjected to the filter before.

So what’s bad about Amazon’s adult filter if it’s filtering content that’s clearly adult?

It certainly makes sense to keep what’s obviously adult content away from minors and those not interested in seeing it, and I support that.  However, the way Amazon goes about filtering is opaque and inconsistent, which causes problems for erotica authors, and for readers who aren’t finding content they want as easily as before.  I’m really not sure why they don’t auto-filter everything submitted to Erotica (and deal appropriately with unscrupulous folks who try to put erotic content in other categories).  Or give customers the option to turn on or off the mature content filter for their own searches.  But I guess that would make too much sense.

So what does this filter do to erotic books, exactly?

If a book is adult-filtered, it will be excluded from general front page ‘All Departments’ search results.

How do I find my erotica now?

Luckily, it’s very easy!  The stories are all still up for sale.  All you have to do is run your search from within the Books or Kindle Store department, and you’ll see adult-filtered content in your search results.  A thing to note is that the search algorithm still treats filtered books a bit differently and will put them beneath non-filtered content in the Relevance search, so you might have to do a bit more scrolling, or switch to New and Popular sorting.  Better yet, just search within the Erotica category.

So what happens now?

I’m pretty sure things will eventually sort themselves out as authors and readers alike learn how to navigate the new status quo on Amazon.  I figured I’d just post a friendly public service announcement to reassure readers that their steamy erotica is all still available.

However, I do wish that Amazon finds a better solution that accomplishes their apparent goal of keeping adult content away from the eyes of kids and anyone who finds it offensive (too many people, unfortunately, thanks to all the weird, residual stigma about sex in this country), but to also allow readers who do want to purchase and read it to access it without being hindered by unexplained, behind-the-curtain maneuvers.

Happy reading!

Serpent God’s Virgin Released!

Serpent God's Virgin CoverI’m happy to announce that Serpent God’s Virgin is (finally!) released and is now available for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Here’s an excerpt:

Then slowly, a presence emerged.  Deep and subtle at first, like an elephant’s heavy footsteps reverberating through her being, like the humming contentment she felt in the pool’s magical, fragrant water.  Tzani was not afraid.  She laid on her stone, proud and beautiful, taking in the sunlight, wondering about this presence joining her.

It got closer, became more immediate, filling her consciousness, her very being.  It was wholly benevolent, that much she knew.  The heat within her intensified so strongly that she let out a gasped and writhed.  The water lapped up against the stone.  Tzani sat up and gazed at the water.  Slow ripples passed over its surface.  Someone, something else was here.  It had arrived.

Then Tzani saw him, his glimmering form sliding effortlessly through the steamy water.  The great serpent came up to her and coiled himself around her basking stone.  His scales glittered in intricate patterns of gold, black, and pale green.  His eyes, strange and reptilian, yet at the same time, intensely emotive, seemed to glow.  He lifted his great head and came face to face with her.  Na’tzun.

Tzani felt her sex pulse furiously.  She should have been afraid, but instead she welcomed his presence and gazed upon his dragon-like face with awe.

“Na’tzun…” she whispered.

Yes.  The voice in her mind was like a silken purr, and not at all like Tzani would have imagined as being snakelike.  I am glad that you have come to me, Tzani.  At last.

Tzani smiled.  She didn’t know why, but the presence of this serpentine god set her body and mind on fire.