Alien Seed

*An Amazon Top 100 Hot New Release in Erotica*

Here’s a luscious excerpt:

Unable to control myself or contain my burning excitement, I let out a lusty animal moan.

The dark scaled beast circled around me, muscles seething and flexing, exuding a sharp, invigorating alien musk.  My whole body fluttered.  Hot blood pumped through my sex.  I could feel even more wetness.  How I wanted to be filled!  The hulking beast was moving way too slowly.  Something was alive and fiery inside of me.  I didn’t know what it was, but I’d never felt anything like it before.  All I wanted was to be fucked, pounded mercilessly by that massive ridged cock, and then again and again by all the other monsters.

At long last, the towering monster straddled my upturned ass.  I gasped when his slick, hot shaft rubbed heavily against my thighs, between my legs, and across my lower cheeks.

It was like the thing had a life of its own.  I could feel it throbbing, the way each fleshy ridge seemed to caress my supple, ready body, and feel it moving against me.

I was panting.  My pussy was thrumming, quivering in anticipation.  I wanted that amazing beastly rod inside of me now.  The monster seemed to understand my urgent desire.  He sunk down to all fours, enveloping me.  Despite his scaly, reptilian appearance, his hard, muscular body was gloriously warm.

Those long tentacles slithered around my face and neck, driving shivers down my spine.  They were wet and slick, just like his massive cock.

As he embraced me in his chilling, serpentine way, the lustful animal within me grew stronger, threatening to overpower me.  My first instinct was to hold it at bay, but as the monstrous cock slid back and forth between my legs and over my clit, ruthlessly teasing my pussy and driving me mad with arousal, I started losing hold.  The tentacles curled around my hanging breasts, triggering the vibrating clamps.  I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Just fuck me already!”  There was desperation in my voice.  I wanted it so bad.  I’d never been so turned on in my entire life.  I was on the brink of something, something all-consuming and horrifically euphoric.

The monster’s rumbling bellows reverberated through my body as he pressed hard against me.  And then he entered me.