Maiden Vessels Bundle (Three Erotic Tales)

Beastgod’s Vessel

The mysterious beast-god A’rhukah descends from the sky to end the decade-long drought ravaging the land. But in order to bring the rain, he requires a virgin sacrifice – a vessel for his divine seed.

Amia’s life is turned upside down when the High Priest pays her a visit. She has been chosen by A’rhukah. Will she be able to fulfill her purpose as his vessel and submit herself to his divine powers of pleasure?

Warning! This 6,700 word story contains monster breeding, virgin deflowering, bondage, and double penetration, and is intended for mature audiences only.

At the Mercy of the Boar GodĀ 

In an unprecedented twist of fate, Nemara, a virgin peasant girl, is chosen by the spirits to carry the annual offerings to the mysterious stone ruins known as the Runes.

As she is placing the offerings, a shadowy beast appears before her – the boar god. Clinging to her virgin purity, Nemara at first refuses to submit to this dark creature. Yet she is to bear his son. Will she succumb to his forceful pleasure and give into her deepest, darkest desires?

Warning! This 5,300 word story contains reluctant virgin deflowering, monster sex with a boar-headed god, and breeding, and is intended for a mature audience only.

Serpent God’s VirginĀ 

With little faith in the gods, Tzani doesn’t take her duties as a temple handmaiden as seriously as she should. After showing up late yet again, she grudgingly sets to work cleaning the idol of the great serpent god Na’tzun. When the statue mysteriously moves and reveals a secret passage, Tzani has to find out what’s on the other side. Unable to resist the allure of the sacred pool she finds, Tzani strips down and jumps in.

She soon comes face to face with Na’tzun himself. He’s been waiting for her, but Tzani is not afraid, not even when he reveals that she is the virgin he has chosen to bear his child. Will she allow herself to be the god-mother she was destined to be, delivering a new god that will deliver the land from strife?

Warning! This 5,500 word story contains sex with a divine serpent, virgin defloration, serpentine bondage, and oral pleasure by a slithering forked tongue.