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Hey all! I’m offering cover design services for your dirty books (and not-dirty books too)!  I’m a designer by trade and education, I am very handy with Photoshop and InDesign, and can make pretty things in Illustrator without gouging my eyes out.  I’m also pretty good with fonts, own some good fonts, and know where to find free fonts that actually have non-shitty kerning.  In addition, I’ve done cover art for commercially published novels, but I can’t show these off because it would give away my real identity.

Here are some examples of my work so far:


An example of a specialty cover

An example of a standard cover

An example of a standard cover

An example of a standard cover

An example of a standard cover

The rules and rates are simple:

  • I offer basic covers (erotica shorts only!) for a flat rate of $30.  This entails incorporating one choice stock photo,  adding title and author in tasteful typographic form, and jazzing it up with fancy adjustments and other enhancements.  I strive to make each cover unique and of high design quality.
  • If you already own a stock photo that you would like me to use, your basic cover will cost $25.
  • I offer specialty covers for $50 and up.  Specialty covers entail extra work or artistry, including compositing multiple photos, photomanipulation, custom graphics or illustration, etc.  Please contact me and describe your desired cover, and I will give you a quote.
  • When you enlist me to create the cover for your fabulous smut story, describe to me what you would like the cover to look like and feel like.  For example, should it look and feel whimsical and romantic, bold and aggressive, or fun and campy?  If you have a request for a font or color or something, let me know.
  • Give me a deadline.  This is very important.  I must know when you need your finished cover, or else I might be able to get it done within the next six months.  However, I would appreciate at least three days’ lead time for basic covers, and longer for specialty designs.  If you need the cover sooner, just let me know, and I’ll see if I can get it to you faster (I’ll probably be able to in most cases for basic covers).
  • About payment.  For basic covers, I will take payment via Paypal upon final approval of the cover proof.  I will then email you (or provide a download link to) the full resolution cover.  For specialty covers over $100, I will take half of the payment upon your approval of the concept, and the other half upon approval of the final cover proof.
  • Like my stuff and are interested in hiring my services for non-book-cover design projects?  Just contact me and we can talk!  I also do web design and front-end web development (don’t mind the naked default theme here – I haven’t finished this site yet), illustration, branding design, and general graphic design.

Contact me at alice.x.erotica [at] gmail [dot] com.  This is also my Paypal address.

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