Amazon’s Secret Adult Filter

If you’ve noticed that your Amazon search results have become rather sparse in your search for erotic offerings, it’s not just you.  During the past few weeks, Amazon has greatly expanded the reach of their adult filter, filtering all sorts of erotic stories that were never subjected to the filter before.

So what’s bad about Amazon’s adult filter if it’s filtering content that’s clearly adult?

It certainly makes sense to keep what’s obviously adult content away from minors and those not interested in seeing it, and I support that.  However, the way Amazon goes about filtering is opaque and inconsistent, which causes problems for erotica authors, and for readers who aren’t finding content they want as easily as before.  I’m really not sure why they don’t auto-filter everything submitted to Erotica (and deal appropriately with unscrupulous folks who try to put erotic content in other categories).  Or give customers the option to turn on or off the mature content filter for their own searches.  But I guess that would make too much sense.

So what does this filter do to erotic books, exactly?

If a book is adult-filtered, it will be excluded from general front page ‘All Departments’ search results.

How do I find my erotica now?

Luckily, it’s very easy!  The stories are all still up for sale.  All you have to do is run your search from within the Books or Kindle Store department, and you’ll see adult-filtered content in your search results.  A thing to note is that the search algorithm still treats filtered books a bit differently and will put them beneath non-filtered content in the Relevance search, so you might have to do a bit more scrolling, or switch to New and Popular sorting.  Better yet, just search within the Erotica category.

So what happens now?

I’m pretty sure things will eventually sort themselves out as authors and readers alike learn how to navigate the new status quo on Amazon.  I figured I’d just post a friendly public service announcement to reassure readers that their steamy erotica is all still available.

However, I do wish that Amazon finds a better solution that accomplishes their apparent goal of keeping adult content away from the eyes of kids and anyone who finds it offensive (too many people, unfortunately, thanks to all the weird, residual stigma about sex in this country), but to also allow readers who do want to purchase and read it to access it without being hindered by unexplained, behind-the-curtain maneuvers.

Happy reading!

Serpent God’s Virgin Released!

Serpent God's Virgin CoverI’m happy to announce that Serpent God’s Virgin is (finally!) released and is now available for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Here’s an excerpt:

Then slowly, a presence emerged.  Deep and subtle at first, like an elephant’s heavy footsteps reverberating through her being, like the humming contentment she felt in the pool’s magical, fragrant water.  Tzani was not afraid.  She laid on her stone, proud and beautiful, taking in the sunlight, wondering about this presence joining her.

It got closer, became more immediate, filling her consciousness, her very being.  It was wholly benevolent, that much she knew.  The heat within her intensified so strongly that she let out a gasped and writhed.  The water lapped up against the stone.  Tzani sat up and gazed at the water.  Slow ripples passed over its surface.  Someone, something else was here.  It had arrived.

Then Tzani saw him, his glimmering form sliding effortlessly through the steamy water.  The great serpent came up to her and coiled himself around her basking stone.  His scales glittered in intricate patterns of gold, black, and pale green.  His eyes, strange and reptilian, yet at the same time, intensely emotive, seemed to glow.  He lifted his great head and came face to face with her.  Na’tzun.

Tzani felt her sex pulse furiously.  She should have been afraid, but instead she welcomed his presence and gazed upon his dragon-like face with awe.

“Na’tzun…” she whispered.

Yes.  The voice in her mind was like a silken purr, and not at all like Tzani would have imagined as being snakelike.  I am glad that you have come to me, Tzani.  At last.

Tzani smiled.  She didn’t know why, but the presence of this serpentine god set her body and mind on fire.

Coming soon!

My next story, Serpent God’s Virgin is due out shortly – this week for sure!  Just need to finish up some of the end, editing, and formatting, and then it’ll be ready to go.  For now, here’s the cover:

serpent-god_cover-1000x1500After this, I’ll be shifting gears to some less divine (but still just as sexy) creatures.

At the Mercy of the Boar God

At the Mercy of the Boar GodHey all, At the Mercy of the Boar God is now for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

In an unprecedented break from tradition, Nemara, a virgin peasant girl, is chosen by the spirits to carry the annual offerings to the mysterious stone ruins known as the Runes.

As she is placing the offerings, a shadowy beast appears before her – the boar god. Nemara is to bear his son. Will she succumb to his forceful pleasure and give into her deepest, darkest desires?

Warning! This 5,300 word story contains reluctant virgin deflowering, monster sex with a boar-headed god, and breeding, and is intended for a mature audience only.


“Please… no,” she gasped, choking back sobs. “Please… don’t take my purity from me.”

The boar snorted and lunged at her, ears laid back and the bristly mane along its back standing erect. It placed a huge, heavy hoof over her collarbones and pressed down, trapping her, forcing the air out of her lungs. Its eyes blazed.

I will take what is mine. Its words were like thunder in her mind.

“Who… what are you?” Nemara’s voice was scarcely more than a whisper. She struggled to breathe.

A fierce, penetrating energy filled the stone chamber. The runes flared, and for an instant, burned as brightly as the sun.

The hoof that held her down shuddered, and the beast’s whole body twisted, cracked, and convulsed. It let out a horrible howl that tore into the fibers of Nemara’s very being. She screamed as the hoof became searing hot.

Then it was over. When she opened her eyes again, it was not a hoof that pinned her, but a human hand. The pitch-skinned, beautifully muscled body of a man knelt over her. On its shoulders was the boar’s head, smaller, but no less terrifying. His eyes were like fire.

He opened his mouth and spoke. “I am your God, and you will bear my son.” The voice was darkness and honey.


My Master the Minotaur: Taken

My Master the Minotaur: Taken CoverHi everyone!  My newest title, My Master the Minotaur: Taken, is now available for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Ryena is the daughter and only child of a powerful lord.  She is kidnapped and taken north and presented before Valgund the Golden Bull, mighty chief of the barbaric minotaurs.  She believes she has been taken for ransom.

But Valgund is playing a ruthless political game and has more insidious plans for her.  He intends to make her his and to teach her the ways of the minotaurs.

Will Ryena be able to resist the carnal pleasures he forces upon her, or will she come to accept her new place and the strange, barbaric ways of the minotaurs?

This 12,000 word erotic romance is a tale of domination and submission and monstrous seduction.  It contains reluctant oral pleasure, piercing for sexual pleasure, bondage, and defloration by a minotaur.

Have you already read and enjoyed it?  Eager for more?  There’s a sequel in pre-production. ;)

Alice, who the f*&% is Alice?!

Hi everyone! I’m finally getting my new website up and running, so I thought I’d start by introducing myself.

I’m a (relatively) new erotica author, presently specializing in the paranormal and fantastical. I enjoy throwing some BDSM elements into the mix as well. However, I also enjoy branching out and trying my hand at lots of different things.

In addition to being a writer, I’m also a designer. I have lots of fun making my own book covers, and am happy to offer my design services to other e-book authors in any genre.

I will be using my site to provide information about and purchasing information for my existing and upcoming books, do some blathering about my whimsical thought processes, the erotica genre, and the whole publishing scene, and of course, to share juicy tidbits with my readers. Also, don’t be surprised if the site’s appearance suddenly changes – I will be doing some work in the near future to make it awesome-looking and add some specialized features.

See you all around!